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Polymer Lithium-ion Battery
Polymer lithium ion battery is the highest technological one in battery industry, and the latest generation of rechargeable lithium-ion battery by adopting plastic film package, with the characteristics of high voltage, long cycle life, stable discharge voltage, and clean pollution-free etc. and flexible shape, convenient, light weight and more reliable.

Main Advantages and Features:
Good Safety Performance: Ordinary lithium batteries are explosive, while lithium polymer battery will only flatulence.
Small Thickness and Thinner: As plastic film thinner than a metal shell, less than 1mm polymer battery can be produced.
Light Weight: 20% -40% lighter weight than the same size steel aluminum battery .
Large Capacity: Over 10% higher than normal battery capacity.
Easy for housing Customization: The size of polymer battery can be increased or decreased according to customer’s requirements. And the development of new battery types is of low cost, and with short development cycle.
Wide Operating Temperature:  -40 to +10 Degree Celsius; or -10 to +60 Degree Celsius.
Polymer li-ion battery can emit 70% of the electricity at -40 Degree Celsius, and can release 100% power at 60 Degree Celsius.

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